Standard Massage

This massage will bring you relief after a day of activity, whether that’s hiking, cycling, sports or day spent sightseeing.
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Relax Massage

This is a slow, soft and flowing massage with a focus on the neck and face to induce relaxation for body and mind.
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Stress Relief Massage

This massage will improve your circulation and relieve muscle tension, particularly in the shoulders, neck and face.
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Deep Tissue Massage

This firm massage is focused on releasing tension and increasing circulation in the deeper muscle layers.
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Therapeutic Massage

Beginning with a short consultation to identify your specific therapeutic needs, Markus, our licensed physiotherapist, will tailor this massage to your personal requirements.
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a Japanese pressure point massage that induces deep relaxation by incorporating stretches to reduce tension and balance your nervous system. You should wear comfortable clothing such as jogging trousers and a T-Shirt. (appropriate clothing can be provided if needed)
25 minutes 40€     55 minutes 80€

Physiotherapy Session

Provided by Markus, our English speaking, German trained, Spanish licensed Physiotherapist.
25 minutes 40€