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Try our care products made with 100% horse milk. For a better circulation and absorption of their natural vitamins.


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For your Hands

Our Horse Milk Care Products have proven to work wonders on dry hands and feet

For Your Hair

Get that bounce back and show off your shiny hair with our hair care range

For Your Skin

Make flaky skin a thing of the past with our skin care range

Horse Milk Care Products

Because horse milk contains many skin-absorbable vitamins and stimulates circulation, it has a high beneficial effect for people with a variety of skin and hair problems. Horse Milk contains building materials that promote cell renewal and give skin more resistance. As a result, these products, which contain a high percentage of horse milk, are ideally suited to the daily care of skin and hair.

In particular, people with a dry, sensitive or problematic skin often see a clear improvement. All these products are free from animal testing and parabens.
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I started using the SoPure Manicure treatment for my hands. I have always suffered from dry and cracked skin on my hands and it was so unflattering! I tried the hand cream and after just 1 week I already saw an improvement. Not only are my hands softer, they are much less scabby and not dry at all!”

Sandra de Wilde

“I suffer from dandruff and no amount of “Head and Shoulders” could cure my issue. I have used SoPure Shampoo for a while now and even though I still suffer from dandruff a little, it is a LOT less than before, so I am really pleased with the results. It seems to be getting less each time so I hope by continuing to use it, it might disappear forever!” David Sinderland

“When I started using the day and night cream from SoPure I wasn’t entirly convinced they could help with my flaky skin. I have tried many different creams, but I have to say that since I started using SoPure’s product I have seen a significant improvement. My skin glows again and it is not dry anymore, plus it does not feel greasy at all which is a major plus point for me as other creams would usually feel very greasy” Lativia Demarie

SoPure Night Care

SoPure After Sun

SoPure Body Lotion

SoPure Shampoo

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the horses get milked?

Conventional mechanical equipment does not work on the horses, so the milk we get from the horses for our care products are all milked by hand on our farm in Belgium.

What about the foals? Don't they need the milk?

Absolutely, and this is why we do not milk our horses until the foals no longer need their mothers milk.

I have eczema does your cream make it go away?

We can’t guarantee your eczema will disappear 100% with our horse milk cream. But if you try the “Special Care Cream” we have, it will definitely show a noticeable difference.

Does your shampoo treat my itchy scalp?

There are many reasons why you may have an itchy scalp. Our shampoo has been proven to treat itchy scalp and even prevent dandruff, but the reason you have itchy scalp might not be skin related. You might suffer from stress and a couple of Cranio Sacral Therapy sessions might do the trick! Why not try the shampoo for a while, and if this does not help, contact us.

Do you ship to other countries?

We ship internationally within Europe, but we can also ship to overseas countries including the USA and Canada. Please contact us for a personalised quote with regards to shipping.

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